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What are the benefits of registering an NGO with UniversalGiving?

To date, more than $1.2 million and 7,000 volunteers have been matched through the UniversalGiving™ website. UniversalGiving™ has most recently been featured in the New York Times, L.A. Times, Traditional Home Journal, and Financial Times.  UniversalGiving™ was the webby award honoree 2006 and won w3's Silver Award for Creative Excellence on the Web, 2007.  UniversalGiving’s service and marketing efforts direct donors and volunteers to our NGO partners. The commitment to quality at UniversalGiving™ gains the trust of donors and volunteers and motivates them to give and volunteer their time to our NGO partners.

How long will registering my NGO take?

If you have all of the information in hand, registering your organization will take you approximately 30 minutes. The registration includes an organization profile, adding three “Ways to Give”, and a PayPal account. However, organizations must commit to updating their account on an annual basis. An administrator for your organization’s account will receive an automatic email prior to when your organization’s profile or any “ways to give” expire on UniversalGiving™. Projects expire when the funding deadline has passed or one year from when it was posted or last updated. Volunteer opportunities expire when involvement dates have passed or one year from when it was posted or last updated. Gift Packages expire one year from when it was posted or last updated. If you have any questions about maintaining your organizations account, please contact

What is PayPal?

The PayPal service enables any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. As a nonprofit, registering for a PayPal account will allow you to accept credit card and eCheck donations through UniversalGiving™. See PayPal's website for more detailed information.


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